(Reading Guidance, Episode.6) Detox Your Skin; Only Water for 14 Days

 (rosacea, seborrhea, sensitive skin, whitening and acne)

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  Hello, everyone, today we are going to talk about the reading guidance Ep.6 of this book.

  After tonight, I will have a rest for a week or so , because of the need to go abroad for a while . Next time we come back, we'll start with the seventh part.

  Why is this book called "Detox your skin; Only Water for 14 Days"? What is "poison to be detoxified"? we will enter this field today.

  Last time I told you that, there was a "long term" harm of "refreshing skin care products" and "nourishing skin care products".

  In fact, I am here to tell you why we suggest that, " after the listing of their products, physicians should assist all human beings, not only the patients, but also the manufacturers of skincare products to do long-term monitoring and tracking ."

  There are several reasons:

  First, the complexity of the skin care products is too high.

  All components of the skin care product are short-term safety data. A short-term security data is not a long-term security data. So the first one; no one will know whether it's safe or not for a long time. This is the first point.

  The second point, nobody knows whether they were safe or not when mixed .

  But one thing we know is that "we are the product of evolution," so "God is always right".

  That means that if the texture of the skin is getting better and the dermis is getting clearer, then we can trust the dose of this thing to be safe.

  If you remember the first section, the second section we said, that the story as "Emperor of Tang Dynasty (Tang TaiZong; 唐太宗) and beef noodles": if Tang TaiZong like to eat beef noodles so much, and his heart, blood pressure and kidney we measured are very good, then no matter how much he eats.

  (Conversely) As long as he feels not good, we start thinking whether there is something wrong with the whole problem or parts of it?

  So the skin monitoring; "Skin", and if you know, the skin of beast is called "fur", and the skin of human is called "skin".

  "Monitoring" was called "detection" early. Later there was a doctor from mainland China, who advised me to use the term of "monitoring". Then I thought it was right, so we changed it to "monitoring" after the discussion.

  "Monitoring" means that, in the whole process, sometimes we find that the textures are getting better, while sometimes worse.

  Like fresh skin care products, if you go to track it; and if your skill is very poor, probably to the eight months finally, you will find it’s texture getting better and better; but it seems wizened, a bit like being washed with sulfuric acid. Then the blood vessels begin to appear on the dermis.

  Moist things, it’s easy to find even novices that his skin textures will fade away when he keeps rubbing.

  So for us, the skin test is a single point.

  A lot of people like to check the skin everywhere, and for me, in fact, there is no meaning.

  Because if you are using a refreshing type, and then do cause damage, then indeed the textures will become better and better; but the dermis will appear bloodshot inflammation.

  So I want to tell you is that we strongly recommend, for example, the division of medicine and pharmacology: after drugs lists which pharmaceuticals’ research confirmed and marketed, doctors continue to help patients do post-marketing surveillance protocol (PMS), to make sure the patient's long term treatment safely.

  As a dermatologist, I think the government and the doctor, owed the society a security regulatory obligation.

  Of course, some people in this place will feel it...... OK, so we don't talk about that.

  Anyway, the first small chapter for skin monitoring, Chapter 1, we have finished. Presumably, "why do we think the skin care products are toxic?" "

  Next time we are going to talk: "if you want to know a skin care product, you can't just look at the ingredient list. The ingredient table is meaningless."

  This is also a very interesting topic, and you can buy a book to see if you are interested in.

  I intend to recommend that you must buy books. But if you keep reading this book, you will be easier to understand and understand my blog. Thank you. Namo Amitabha.













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