(Reading Guidance, Episode.8) Detox Your Skin; Only Water for 14 Days

(rosacea, seborrhea, sensitive skin, whitening and acne)

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  Dear friends, Amitabha.

  Today we're going to talk the eighth episode of the book “Detox Your Skin; Only Water for 14 Days.”

  I am not very satisfied with this part, which I recorded five or six times in total. Because it is not so easy to well explain the whole spirit. So I don't know if I'll record it successfully this time.

  To talk about the second section of "Detox Your Skin; Only Water for 14 Days" is to talk about "skin care products can not only look at the ingredients table." At this time, in the first one to seven of this section, we have sketchily introduced most of "the skin detoxification’s worries on skin care products."

  Now we can introduce the second part.

  Let me tell you, first of all, No.1, when the "effective ingredient" of the skin care products is mentioned, we come up with "should be effective" first.

  "Should be effective" means, "Doctor Song, I want to tell you that, there are some stain and dark spots on my face , so I want to wipe the L-VC (Laevogyrate vitamin C), can I?" or "Doctor Song, I have pimples on my face, so I want to wipe retinoid acid, can I? "

  I want to use another story to talk to you about this, and maybe you can understand it better. "Doctor Song, will I have diarrhea if I go to eat wonton noodles?"

  So, well, the two of us went to the same supermarket and bought the same frozen wonton that was produced by the same factory.

  Then I went home and cooked my wonton dumplings and you too. Next I use my noodles, you use your noodles; while our noodles are different, and our water is not the same either.

  The way we cook is different - your food is spicy, and my food is light.

  Your taste is better; While I'm a doctor and not very good at cooking.

  Additionally you put the cabbage in, and I added the QingJiang vegetable......

  First, for a person who does not like spicy food, or have no ability to eat spicy food, will he have diarrhea after eating your wonton noodles? It is possible.

  For a people who love heavy taste, Is it difficult for him to swallow my wonton noodles? It's possible.

  Do you understand?

  In other words, when you talk about a skin care product, it's as if you're talking about wonton noodles or wonton soup; you can't just talk about "wonton".

  You must also discuss its water, its salt, its seasoning, its vegetable, and its noodles; and even you have to discuss its temperature, its heat, and its treatment......

  These are the things we need to discuss when we talk about the skin care products.

  At this time, you tell me, "Doctor Song, I have acne. Can I wipe retinoid acid?"

  First, is the concentration of your retinoid acid enough? The effect is not good if the concentration of your retinoid acid is not enough. Your skin will be injured if the concentration of it is too strong, .

  Second, the appropriate retinoid acid to others; for a person whose skin is very oily and very powerful , may effect not well; but for a sensitive person, she may be injured after slightly wiping it.

  So when you talk about skin care products; even if you're talking about drugs, you can't just look at ingredients; not to mention skin care products, OK?

  That's the first point.

  At second, we still talk about the skin care products. There's a story we've talked about before.

  That's to say, you're talking "A acid" which we just said , now we talk about "AHAS(families of alpha hydroxyl acid)." When people talk about "active ingredients", they are usually said to be 3%, 4%, and 5%, as if "5% is better than 3%".

  When you're using 3% acid or 6% acid, the erosion to the epidermis is 3% or 6%. But don't forget that after the erosion, 3% of the "97% something" will seep into it.

  This (97%), of course, is mostly water. But if its preservatives and surfactants are powerful, maybe the infiltration is the interface agent!?

  6% of it left 94% now. The premise of this (compared with the 3%), or the premise that they use the same brand, or the same level of surfactant. What if it isn't? You can't compare, right?

  So, this is the first one that I planed to discuss with you.

  That is, when you're talking about a single component, you should go back and think about "what other things look like "

  Did you find that, you don't know anything about the skin care products, right?

  Because it doesn't write so much on the incidents list.

  I am very supportive of the government's requirement of "full ingredients labeling". But even if it's all labeled, it still didn’t tell you the proportion.

  Today we're going to tell you another story. That is, when you're talking about these ingredients, have you ever thought about the signs of the concentration on these ingredients, as we've just said?

  Now we're going to tell you the second story.

  If you go to the supermarket to buy a tank of water, and its ingredients are very simple, and I'm sure all of you know, "salt, sugar and water." But it's proportion probably three, that's what we wrote here:

  It could be 99.99% salt +0.005% sugar +0.005% water.

  It could be :

  99.99% sugar, +0.005% salt, +0.005% water, too.

  The former can be a salt jar, and the latter can be a sugar jar.

  If it is

  99.9999% water + a little salt and a little sugar?

  Unless you're an ant, I believe you absolutely can't drink it.

  What does that tell you? If he doesn't give you the percentage, while telling you that salt and sugar and water, which is meaningless!

  Is that understandable?

  So, the second, if he doesn't tell you the exact component concentration, actually it (looking the ingredient list) doesn't make any sense.

  The third one, what we're still talking about, is on the condition (assuming) that the manufacturer is very honest. But you don't forget, the manufacturers may be dishonest. This is the second one we're talking about.

  Now we're going to discuss third, and some other stories, for example...... Just keep guessing, and next time I’ll talk this matter.

  But, in the end, I'll tell you something that we all know in the industry:

  Some of the manufacturers, he was always claiming his main effect; but the results we monitored and found that it is likely to be the result of salicylic acid

  Why I told this is not to blaming or praising this vendor. I just want to tell you, I let you drink orange juice, and then you feel very sweet; Is this "sweet" taste really from Liu Orange Juice? Or from “my added sugar”?

  Okay, let's finish it today, and we'll record the ninth episodes later. Namo Amitabha.













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